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Askreddit after dark

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Please check our helpful and short FAQ which may cover your question. Don't be a dickhead. If you look at a comment you're about to make and say, "Is this how a dickhead would reply? No s without sufficient reddit experience or real life, i. By extension this also means no throwaways.

My age: 22
Tone of my eyes: Cold gray-green eyes
My gender: I'm female
Hair color: Strawberry-blond
What is my body features: I'm plump
What I prefer to drink: Absinthe
My favourite music: Folk
What is my hobbies: Mountain climbing

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I used to post on that sub a lot before the banwave. The vast majority of posters are hardcore pornsick misogynists.

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All the sex subs on Reddit are that way. Our goal is to provide a friendly and supportive space for the women of Ovarit.

R/askredditafterdark - almost certainly the filthiest episode yet

This circle is not a "safe space," but it is and will always be a female-only space. This means if you are not female, you will be banned.

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Women can post pretty much anything here. Rants, raves, interesting links, career advice, relationship advice, hobbies, interests, chit chat, pet pics, as long as you're a woman it's all free to go here. Please just check the list below of other women-only circles to make sure there isn't a community that is dedicated to the topic.

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The Sitewide Rules and Sitewide Guidelines are both enforced here. Please report any for private groups that do not have a comment from a mod confirming that it is approved. Never give anyone sensitive information that could be used to de-anonymize you without first vetting them yourself. Be careful!

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This will help preserve the information that you are sharing and also ensure that everyone has access to read it. Some other circles on Ovarit are also women-only and are focused on specific topics:. Log in Register.

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This thread is so upsetting.