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American girl dolls tumblr

I took Kirsten out today to take some pictures!

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The New York skyline grew closer, sparkling with lights.

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American girl doll stuff

Take a look at what else you can do on my blog besides reading my posts:. Antonia loves going to the farm supply store with her dad, and helping him haul out the big heavy feed bags in her wagon.

Her dog Sandy also likes to tag along. Her silver earrings and turquoise necklace show her pride in her New Mexican heritage.

I stuffed each one with plastic bags and then stitched to tops closed. The year brings a lot of changes for Sariah. Their new hometown of Santa Clara is at the center of new technology development, and Elaine works for Apple Computers.

American girl

Sariah is immediately drawn to it. Having this shared interest brings the two of them together, and that bond makes Sariah reevaluate her initial coldness to her new stepmother. Both are made from upcycled thrift store clothes.

The hoodie has a hole in the back, which I assume is to easily pull it over the doll's head, so it probably isn't intentional, but it's the perfect size to slip a low ponytail through! Skylar's earrings and hairtie match as well haha The Xbox One controller is a nice touch, and isn't too flashy. The black skinny jeans are very nice. They have a little bit of stretch.

They are fairly tight, but not so tight that your doll can't move in them. They cover the entirety of the doll's panties with room to sit without revealing them, but I haven't tried them with briefs yet. I think they might fit a larger Pleasant Company doll, but I can't say they could sit as easily. With only 3 pieces, it doesn't come with a lot, but all the pieces are quite versatile, especially the jeans and shoes.

Okay, so His meet jeans also have this issue. He is completely unable to sit without flashing his underwear, so he'll just go commando when wearing this outfit In the summer ofthe war had been going for nearly 4 years, and clothing standards had relaxed somewhat from the pre-war years.

Therefore, Florrie has ificantly fewer layers to her summer outfit than she would have in winter, or than Samantha would have worn, even in summer. Good morning, Miss Florrie!

The neckline was meant to be adjusted with a ribbon woven through the lace of the neckline, and would be removed for washing. More old-fashioned mothers might have required them for their children, however. Grandmary absolutely would have. These particular combies button in the back so the front will lie smoothly under her dress, which is very light cotton.

White is traditionally a warm weather color, and as Germany was the primary producer of good quality clothing pigments, most clothing during the war years was either black, white, pastel or other muted shade.

The doll ranch

Both Rebecca and Samantha were more likely to wear bright colors than Florrie. Socks gained popularity as the war dragged on since they required less fabric than stockings.

Florrie forgot her garters, though, and her socks are already sliding down. Not that she would mind, of course. Hairbows or other hair adornment was almost a fashion requirement, and as the family is going to visit Grandma, Florrie has to look as well-kept as possible.

American girl doll stuff

She had better run back upstairs and put on those garters! Keep reading. Haru is 16 years old and is in the same class as Skylar at Bloodhound public high school.

He's a sweet guy who enjoys writing and sewing. July 20th is the anniversary of the first moon landing in Luciana is celebrating with a walk on her simulated lunar surface.

American girl

She hopes one day to go a little farther and be the first person on Mars, but walking on the moon is still pretty cool! I made Luciana this very special space suit using white socks, stickers, and a plastic bubble lid. But before that, I want to tell you why I find this very simple craft so interesting. By nine years old she could read and write and had good penmanship, but all of this was for the purpose of someday making her a notable housewife and a respected gentlewoman.

But girls in her time were neither encouraged nor allowed to do so, as her sister Nan helpfully points out. Girls rarely left the home to attend school, and even then only wealthy girls did. But A Little Pretty Pocket Book was not simply teaching lessons through repeated copying of Bible verses as the Puritans did, nor memorization of classical literature as secular schools did.

Instead, it embodied a very new and exciting idea by the English philosopher John Locke: that children are born as blank slates, and their education is derived best through hands-on sensory experiences, through imaginative play, and through positive not overly disciplinary relationships with their american girl dolls tumblr. He reminded parents that putting children through boring and difficult classes would cause them to develop negative associations with learning, and therefore their ability to become well-read adults would be forever hindered.

The book was sold with an included toy: either a ball for boys or a pincushion for girls. It contained rhymes that described a game to play while comparing it to a moral lesson to be learned.

In fact, the proverb that Miss Manderly instructs Felicity and Elizabeth to copy in Felicity Learns a Lesson is taken straight from the rhyme about swimming! It took a while for these new ideas about childhood to catch on in the wider culture, and this is reflected in changes in clothing.

Felicity and her younger sisters wore stays and long skirts; but by the time Caroline was the same age, three decades later, girls were dressed in shorter dresses that allowed them to run and play. But the Merrimans, for their time, are indeed somewhat progressive in the way they embrace the values of the Enlightenment.

So why not make it easy and fun for your Felicity doll to do her lessons, and give her a homemade set of writing tools? Another day, another post where American Girl admits that their available dolls are lacking a diversity of face molds and skin colors.

Update: Okay, so Some of my inspirations: White is traditionally a warm weather color, and as Germany was the primary producer of good quality clothing pigments, most clothing during the war years was either black, white, pastel or other muted shade. The girls encounter a wild beast while exploring. Can it be tamed? Meet Haru!

The doll ranch

And that jacket looks so good on him! Tutorial: make a quill pen and ink for your American Girl doll. Rule of Life. Top Photos.